Don’t be embarrassed to smile anymore. A brighter, whiter smile can give you the confidence to show your teeth with pride. At Naperville Family Dentists, we offer professional teeth whitening services to lighten your teeth by several shades in just one visit.


Our Teeth Whitening Method in Naperville, Illinois

Teeth whitening has become a popular way to improve your smile. At Naperville Family Dentists, we use the latest technology and techniques to get your teeth looking their best.

The process is fast and comfortable. The first step is a consultation with Dr. Primiano or Dr. Mach. Our whitening solutions are tailored specifically for you, so we want to talk with you about your cosmetic goals and answer any questions you have about treatments. 


At-Home Whitening Treatments in Naperville

First, we will take an impression of your teeth to create custom-fitted trays. Next, we will give you a whitening gel to apply to the trays. You will wear the trays for a short time, typically 30 minutes to an hour. We will check your progress periodically and make any necessary adjustments. After a few sessions, you will have noticeably whiter teeth.

There are cheaper, store-bought whitening solutions, such as gels, strips, and toothpaste. But they are often ineffective and can even damage your teeth. When you come to us for teeth whitening, you can be sure you’re getting a safe, professional treatment that will give you the results you want.


How Much Does Professional Teeth Whitening Cost?

The cost depends on several factors, including the whitening procedure used and the number of sessions required. For example, whitening with LED lights may cost less than laser whitening treatments. But no matter the cost, it may actually be quite reasonable when you consider the long-term benefits. You can boost your confidence and make a great impression every time you smile.

And many dental insurance plans cover at least part of the cost of professional teeth whitening. We’ll provide you with up-front costs to help you decide which treatment might be best. We also offer financing options to ensure our dental service is accessible to all our patients in the Naperville, Illinois, area.


How to Maintain Your New Smile With Whiter Teeth

After you go through the teeth whitening process, keeping your teeth looking their best is easy:

  1. Limit staining foods and drinks. Coffee, tea, and red wine are all notorious for staining teeth. If you can’t give them up entirely, at least brush your teeth afterward.
  2. Use a straw when drinking sugary drinks. This will help to avoid contact between your teeth and the sugary liquid.
  3. Brush regularly and floss daily. This one is a no-brainer. Good oral hygiene habits are essential for maintaining your teeth and overall health.


Call Us Today For Whiter Teeth

If you’re looking for a way to boost your confidence and improve your smile, professional teeth whitening may be right for you.

Our safe, gentle, effective whitening treatments are available for people of all ages. You’ll love the results – your friends and family will be amazed at how white your teeth are. 

We can’t wait to help you achieve the perfect smile. Request an appointment online or call our office to schedule a consultation. 

A brighter, whiter smile is just a phone call away.